These memories won't last

Presented as an interactive webcomic, These memories won’t last tells the true story of an aging grandfather who suffers from dementia. As his memories of the past and present blur, he questions the value of memory at all.

Victory Day

Victory Day.Wien is a short film/ installation/ digital experience. The fantasy love story starring Austrian actress Inge Maux is set in Vienna during and after World War III. The story´s World War III is fought with mental weapons. The heroes engage in mental sex. The visual concept was inspired  by Vienna's history with world wars to project its past and present into a fantasy future.

Life Stitch

Life Stitch is a web comic that fuses fabric, drawing and memory to tell the story of the narrator's great grandfather. He stood up to the caste system in Kerala in South India by going to the ruling king with a petition to get his low caste son educated. 200 years later his great granddaughter finds herself teaching art in classrooms in India and weaves the thread four generations back to her great grandfather.  

Jukebox of Happiness

Jukebox of Happiness (JOH) is a collection of happiness through movies, photos, quotes and articles that cross our path for a reason. It´s a collective answer to the question: What makes you happy? As there is no collective answer the JOH offers a market of ideas: No matter how deep or light, large or small, universal or local these moments are: you can pick your favorite jukebox tracks which might make you happy.
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