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#ubxZoom with Peter Spiegel: Humanity as central future task

Date 03. February 2022
Time 17:00
Speaker Peter Spiegel

Why in an increasingly digitalized world, humanity is becoming the most valuable task for leaders in the future.

About the event

Digitization is inevitably gaining momentum, most recently intensified by the pandemic. Business processes are optimized and automated. Computer-supported systems make our work easier and partly take it away from us: Faster, with fewer errors, that’s the promise. But what does this development mean for us? Peter Spiegel will show us in this UBXzoom that in these high-tech times it is above all about the human. Creativity, empathy, responsibility for our environment and much more are skills that are increasingly needed to enable us to move forward with hope.

This event will be held in german.

The Speaker – about Peter Spiegel

Peter Spiegel is the founder and head of the WeQ Institute. As a futurist, he discovered the metatrend WeQ by investigating trends such as open innovation, co-creation or design thinking. In September 2021 he published the FUTURE SKILLS practice book with 69 co-creators.

Your Speaker

Peter Spiegel