Coding Summer School 2018

Re-thinking the Website

Thanks to lean backends based on small services and frontends powered by modern frameworks, we can decouple content from presentation.
This gives us exciting new opportunities. So let us re-think how to build a website.

We are offering students - from all over Europe - to dig deeper into new web technologies and to discover new ways to build websites.

Our 2-weeks Coding Summer School will take place at our office in Munich. The course is free of charge and accommodation will be provided.

Explore with us the creative coding world, by:

  • Exploring the best practices for HTML, CSS and JS to build on
  • Improving your code quality (TDD, TypeScript, Clean Code)
  • Building an architecture based on components (web components, BEM, SASS, Redux)
  • Setting up a headless CMS (Contentful)
  • Communicating via an API (REST, GraphQL, JSON)
  • Turning a website into a progressive web app (offline mode, notifications, full screen, hardware access)
  • Building a serverless backend with microservices (AWS Lambda, Docker)
  • Describe infrastructure as code and automate the delivery process (TerraForm, AWS CloudFormation, Jenkins)

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Find more details about the Coding Summer School and how to apply on GitHub.

  • 27. August 2018 12:00 Uhr - 07. September 2018 20:00 Uhr
  • Isarwinkel 16, 81379 Munich, Germany Plätze
  • 10 Plätze
  • Veranstalter: Virtual Identity