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VI Office Couch

Just another bullshit manager: not everyone has what it takes to be a leader

4:00 pm
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The Event

The corporate world has a way of handing out titles like ChatGPT on the loose. It feeds prompts into a mindset of corporate narcissism, where everyone must feel like they’re someone special.

But uniqueness doesn’t come from a title – it comes from talent and dedication. Dirk Lapaz argues that we need to be honest with ourselves and others about our personality and wonders if we should really aim for climbing up higher all the time. This is the real challenge the so-called leaders are not always willing to face: Not everyone is meant to hold a leadership position in corporate; your worth is not threatened by it. If at all, it is a way of coming closer to who you really are.

At our very first Office Couch event, Dirk Lapaz will tell us his story of becoming a successful leader of his own life without holding a leadership position in the corporate world. He will give advice to everyone who is too scared to admit yet that leadership might be just another buzzword.

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About the Office Couch

The Office Couch is a new online event series representing the unique VI culture. We will talk with professional coaches about topics regarding personal development – and how self-reflection goes a long way at the work place.

Your conversation partners

Kirsten Heller

Virtual Identity

Dirk Lapaz

Coach at Bridgehouse