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Helping VDMA's members to keep their competitive advantage

Task Digital Service Design
Results Vibrant community for 12,000 researching mechanical engineers

The German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) is with its 3.300 members the largest industry association in Europe. Within its research curatorship it initializes and coordinates pre-competitive research in industry and academia. VDMA asked us to develop a platform to provide 12.000 researching engineers across Europe a digital home, support inter-organizational teams in their collaboration and enable them to share research findings with the community.

Designing an experience

We started the project with a series of co-creation workshops in which future users developed the product vision. In the course of these workshops, we learned a lot about the current pain points and hopes for the planned platform. We resonated the features derived from these insights regularly with future users and gained some security, that the solution we developed provided appropriate answers for the complex requirements.

Nevertheless, we were excited to see, that only two months after launch hundreds of projects were created, thousands of research documents were uploaded and more than 20.000 research results were downloaded. THEMIS had instantly become a vital community for researching engineers all over Europe. And it is still.

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Alexander Rieder Client Partner