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Service Overview

We believe that every company will become digital. We are convinced that digital success is rooted in two core skills. The ability to empathize to create what is relevant for customers. The ability to extract insights out of data to optimize business practices. We call this human centered business growth.

Our service portfolio is designed to provide these capabilities to our clients, while learning in close collaboration what drives success.

Our Discovery Services help you to uncover insights and transform them into actionable strategies. With UX Design from a user perspective, with Business Design from a market perspective and with Analytics from a data perspective.

Our Engineering Services help you to utilize existing digital assets and develop sustainable software solutions. We support you to design software architectures and ecosystems fit for current and future requirements. We develop software driving business and user value, using best-in-breed cloud services and platforms.

Our Growth Services help you to win customers for your products and users for your digital services. In Social Media, Search Engines, and Digital Media Outlets.

We do the above in two cooperation models. Fixed scope: You define the output; we take care of the delivery. Team lease: You define outcome and investment; We provide a team with the needed skills and take care of the team productivity.