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Helping Facebook prove that branding and sales go hand in hand

Task BMW X2 Launch Campaign
Results 800 booked test drive
Model awareness up 32%pts
Model favorability up by 8%pts

Observing the campaigns of its clients, Facebook realized that many of them followed rather traditional marketing approaches: First raise awareness. Then build desire and convert that into sales.

Having marketing efficiency at the core of their business, Facebook asked us to validate an idea: Can brand building and sales success be achieved at the same time?

We asked our client BMW whether they would like to join us in this journey and got excited when the opportunity came up to validate the idea with the launch campaign for the brandnew BMW X2 in a social-first manner.  

Joined forces with influencers

Two weeks before the actual product launch, we joined forces with selected influencers for one day and met in a garage. The job: Connect with the car, let creativity flow and create your own style of photos and videos. We were blown away by the uniqueness and beauty of the results.  

The images of this day were the foundation for the ads we created and were later also used for digital out-of-home billboards. In the course of the campaign we learned  that the more “editorial” the imagery was, the better was the performance in generating test drive leads. 

Using more than the algorithm

The media side of the campaign was based on insights from previous launches. We started with broad targeting on Instagram, let the creatives and the algorithm do their work, monitoring closely not only lead conversions but also the brand impact of the ads and optimizing both continuously. That was enabled by new monitoring concept, allowing us to differentiate and act on the different paths to conversion.

The campaign raised model awareness by 32%, increased favorability by 8% and generated 800+ test drives. This was in 2018. The thinking and methods behind this idea are what Facebook now calls Performance Branding. And we use it for all BMW campaigns ever since. 

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