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It's getting personal – with Bloomreach's Headless CMS

Bloomreach offers our clients a Headless CMS specifically designed for the needs of commerce. It has its heart set on personalised content for shoppers, all informed by specific data technologies feeding the platform to create valuable user experiences 

Coming with an easy drag-and-drop builder and direct preview services, a brand’s consistency will be guaranteed all over the shop. Even building the software on top of an already existing commerce architecture, both ecosystems can be easily intertwined due to Bloomreach’s flexible infrastructure.

Bloomreach combines the benefits of a Digital Experience Platform and the flexibility of a Headless approach like no other CMS.
Timo Mayer Executive Board Member

The Powerful Content APIs ensure an easy and fast content delivery coming from different places; believing in a MACH architecture’s customisable tool approach you’ll get the best technology solutions on the market. 

We’re also a partner, because we see the urging demand on a fast-growing e-commerce market for excellent digital solutions that engage the user in a valuable experience.

Sounds good? Let's talk.

Timo Mayer

Executive Board Member